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Avoiding common mistakes people make when acquiring domain names 

The domain name you select for your business or organization is a valuable asset. It becomes the brand driving potential customers to your website and keeps them coming back for future transactions. The domain name experts at Domain Name Marketplace work with buyers of premium domains on a daily basis, so we know the mistakes people make when trying to acquire a domain name for their organization. Here are a few of those mistakes along with tips about how you can avoid making them. 

Choosing a name for your business before owning the domain 

Owners of startup businesses frequently make the mistake of developing marketing and advertising strategies built around a brand concept before acquiring the domain name. If the domain they want is not available at a reasonable price, they are left in the position of having to overspend for the domain or settle on another name and spend the time and money to rebrand. 

Business owners can avoid this costly mistake by approaching the domain acquisition process with a broad concept of their brand. The actual development of the brand waits until after the domain is registered to them. 

Settling for any domain now with plans to rebrand later 

A common mistake made by owners of new and sometimes underfunded startups is to attempt to save money by acquiring a domain they can afford rather than making an effort to acquire the one they really want. They believe they can get by in the beginning with any domain name until business picks up, and they can afford to acquire the domain that was their first choice. 

Rebranding at a later date with a new domain name requires a huge financial commitment from a company. It also brings your marketing and advertising campaigns to a halt while new strategies are developed to rebrand around a new domain. What usually happens is the company realizes the extent of the cost and disruption to its operation, and elects to continue using its original domain. 

If your company is in the market for a domain name, get one you intend to keep. Circumstances might lead to rebranding in the future, but it should not be a factor in determining which domain name you acquire now. 

The quest for the perfect domain name 

There are so many domains available for sale that you could spend months searching for the perfect domain name. Your time and energy should be spent on developing your business and not on a quest for the perfect name. 

People searching for a name fail to take into consideration the time they waste sending emails to domain owners asking about availability and price. This can go on for weeks or months as replies trickle in with outrageously high asking prices. More time is lost as you attempt to negotiate a lower, more realistic price before giving up and moving on with your search. 

DomainDepot.com offers a way to avoid the endless search for the perfect domain name. Each domain offered on the site is owned by Domain Name Marketplace and available for immediate sale. The asking price is clearly stated, so you do not have to wait for a seller to reply about availability or asking price. The process of acquiring a premium domain is both quick and easy, so you can get back to the important work of building your business. 

Forgetting about how branding can affect a domain name 

The premium domain you acquire might not be a perfect for your company or the products and services you sell, but the time and effort you put into branding will turn it into one that is perfect for your enterprise. The name you select should be one that provides a foundation upon which your brand can be built. 

A premium domain name that you can build your marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns around will turn out to be the perfect domain for your company. It might not have started out as the perfect domain when you acquired it, but it can become your own unique brand. 

Spending the money for a dot-com is not necessary 

Domain extensions, those three letters after a domain name, add value. Dot-coms are more expensive and are in high demand for a reason. You want your domain to drive traffic to your website and dot-coms accomplish it. 

Potential customers equate a dot-com extension with a business or commercial enterprise in much the same way they know the extensions for education- and government-related websites. If you think of your domain as a business asset, the extra money spent today to acquire a dot-com will be returned in future business growth and an increase in the market value of your domain. 

Not having a plan before searching for a domain 

People waste time searching for names before having clear understanding of the brand they intend to create. Your search for a domain name should begin by evaluating your business and its products and services. What do you want your domain name to say about your company? Once you have the answer to that question, go to DomainDepot.com and find a couple of names you believe can be developed through branding to represent your company. 

The experts at DomainDepot.com, your marketplace for domain names, know how to streamline the process of acquiring a domain name. Call us today to speak with a representative.

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