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Improve your business by thinking of your domain name as an asset 

A huge mistake made by owners of new or fledgling businesses is failing to recognize the important role their domain names play in the growth and success of their businesses. They go to websites, such as DomainDepot.com, with a domain name in mind, but end up settling for a different name because the one they wanted is already taken and acquiring it costs more than they are willing to spend. 

If you went through the process of reviewing the image and identity you want a domain name to project about your company and its products and services, the name you selected is probably the best one for you. Instead of focusing on getting the name you want, you toss it aside on settle on one that is more affordable. The best domain name for your company ends up being taken by someone else. It might even end up being purchased and used by one of your competitors who saw the value in the name and made the commitment to acquire it. 

Domain names are assets, and you need to recognize the investment value of a good domain name and what it can do for your company. When you begin thinking of domains as business assets, you will learn to recognize how some of them have higher values than others. 

Distinguishing premium domains from ordinary ones 

The best domains, the ones investors refer to as premium domain names, have the highest values for a reason. The following of some of the common reasons premium domains have higher values than ordinary domains: 

  • The most valuable domains are dot-coms. 
  • They are easy to remember. 
  • They are easy to type. 
  • They are unique and brandable. 
  • They describe a product or service. 

If you think you can save money by creating your own premium domain name, you are probably several years too late. Most premium domain names were created and registered years ago. You could get lucky with the right word combination, but chances are the generic top-level domain extension you want, the coveted dot-com, has already been registered. 

The value of a premium domain is best understood by considering how a domain name is used. Your domain name eventually becomes synonymous with your company and the products and services it offers to its audience. Customers are first attracted to your website and continue coming back to it because of your domain name. Consider how important that makes the right domain name to the growth and success of your business. 

Another factor to take into consideration when deciding whether a premium domain name is worth the money you must spend to acquire it is the impact it has on the ability of your company to compete in a global marketplace. The internet has changed the way products and services are sold by allowing companies to reach customers all over the world. Your domain name needs to identify your products and services to customers in all languages. Premium domains allow you to expand your market and grow your business. 

DomainDepot.com is your marketplace for domain names 

As you go through the domains listed for sale at DomainDepot.com, keep in mind that each of them is a high-valued asset around which you can build the brand for your company or for a product or service. Becoming the next Microsoft or Nike begins by acquiring a premium domain name. 

DomainDepot.com is your marketplace for domain names. Each of the premium domains offered for sale are owned by DomainDepot. When looking for a domain at DomainDepot.com, you can know you are working with the domain’s owner and not a broker or third-party seller. 

DomainDepot offers expert advice and guidance in the acquisition, registration and management of premium domains. Call today to speak with a customer service representative for more information.

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