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Company Profile

DomainDepot.com is the combined efforts of a group of people from various backgrounds sharing an interest in domain names. Our collective experience in the domain name industry includes acquiring domains for the projects each of us has developed on our own. 

In conversations we had over the years, it was clear we all had the same experiences with strangers contacting us through email, messages or telephone calls asking if a particular domain was for sale and how much it would cost. We soon realized the portfolios of premium domains each of us had acquired could become the basis for a new business, but it had to be different from other websites offering domains for sale. 

For us, being different meant offering our own portfolios of premium domains, offering only domains that were available for immediate sale and offering them on an easy to navigate website. It took us a while to put together a site that met our standards, but DomainDepot.com is something we take pride in because it gives you the best shopping and buying experience of how much or how little you know about the domain name industry and marketplace. 

What makes us different? 

Purchasing aftermarket domains can be frustrating and time consuming. Shoppers find the perfect domain, contact the owner by email or by phone, and wait for a response that either never comes or takes forever. Even when a domain owner responds, either the domain is not for sale or the asking price is absurdly inflated. 

We take the frustration out of acquiring a premium, brandable domain at a fair price simply by giving you a searchable database of available domains. The price for each domain offered on our website is clearly listed for you to see. Our prices are fair and consistent with market prices for premium domains. 

If you have a question about a domain or need help finding a domain that is right for you, we don’t make you wait forever for a response. Someone is available to help you either by phone or through the convenient contact form on our website. 

We pride ourselves on the service we offer 

Whether you are purchasing a domain for an existing portfolio or venturing into the domain market for the first time, we give you the support you need to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. We can help you with all phases of the transaction from selection of a name through registration of your ownership of the domain name.

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