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Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I negotiate the prices listed on DomainDepot.com? 


If the domain name is priced then we welcome and will entertain any reasonable offer, but the pricing on some domains might not be negotiable. Domain values are affected by several factors, including: 

  • Length of the domain name 
  • Recent sales of comparable domains 
  • Significance or meaning of the name 
  • Generic or Brandable

When we receive an offer that is for less than the asking price of a domain name, we review our pricing to determine if we can accept an offer for less. Our review of the original pricing could lead us to accept an offer for less, but it might also determine the price originally set for the domain name to be a fair one under current market conditions. We might also review the pricing and determine it to be too low under current market conditions.  

 How do I make a purchase, and what forms of payment do you accept? 


 Purchasing a domain through DomainDepot.com is a simple process. Find the domain you wish to purchase and click on the “Buy Now” button to initiate the purchase and show you the available payment options. If the domain name does not have a price, please use the offer form to submit your query.

DomainDepot.com accepts major credit cards directly through the website. We also accept payment through PayPal or through Escrow.com. If you elect to use Escrow.com, please note that buyers are responsible for all escrow fees. Payment by check can be arranged by contacting us in advance to setup that form of payment. 

  How difficult is the transfer process? 


 Once we receive payment for a listed domain, the purchase is verified and the domain is transferred to an account in your name at the registrar for the domain. Ex. If the domain name is currently registered at Godaddy, then you would need to open an account with Godaddy so we can push the domain to your account instantaneously, this will facilitate the transfer process. Transfers generally take up to 24-48 hours to complete from when the purchase is first verified. If you wish you have the domain name transferred to your registrar of choice initially, then the transfer process might take up to 7-10 days to complete. Completion of the transfer process occurs once you have complete access and control to the domain name. 

 Does transfer of the domain give me ownership of it? 


 Once the transfer process is completed, you have full ownership and control over the domain, including exclusive registration rights to it. You can initiate a transfer of the domain to a registrar of your choice immediately after completion of the transfer process associated with your purchase with us.  

  Do domains purchased through DomainDepot.com include logos and graphics? 


When you purchase a domain through DomainDepot.com, all it entitles you to is the domain name. It does not include logos, graphics or anything currently connected with the particular domain. Your purchase does not include hosting, design, email or other services. If you wish, we can arrange for these services at an additional cost through one or more of our trusted partners. 

  What advice can you give me about registration of my new domain? 


When you purchase a domain from DomainDepot.com, completion of the transfer process gives you access to the domain. You are responsible to keeping your domain registered to avoid losing the rights to it. Make sure to renew your domain name when expiration time is due.

We recommend that our buyers register their domains for a minimum period of 12 months. Annual registration fees vary from one registrar to another, but you might be able to obtain a discounted registration fee by registering the domain for more than one year at a time. 

  Can I sell a domain by listing it on DomainDepot.com? 


  DomainDepot.com owns the domain names listed for sale on its website. We might begin accepting domain listings from third parties or offer domain brokerage services in the future. For now, we rely on our valued partners for these services. Check out our Trusted Partners page for more information. 

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