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Search volume as a factor in premium domain values

Posted 08/09/2018

Search volume as a factor in premium domain values

Some buyers believe their choice of domain name for acquisition should be guided, at least in part, on statistics about the volume of searches people conducted using words or phrases contained within it. The value of premium domains containing exact matches for the keywords people are using when searching using Google or other search engines can be higher than for other domains. This frequently makes domain names with a high search volume of particular interest to investors as well as to those intending to use them for product or company branding purposes.

DomainDepot.com offers a variety of services for businesses and individuals seeking to acquire or divest themselves of premium domain name properties. For sellers, this includes an evaluation of their domains. From helping them to determine the value of their premium domains to assisting in including their properties in one of our sales, a professional from DomainDepot.com works with sellers to achieve the final result they desire.

When high search volume is a factor, our experts provide bidders and sellers with the most current information about how their domain names are doing. Even domains that do not offer a complete keyword match can still rank high in search volume. Although many bidders and sellers at domain auctions see value in names that exactly match the target keywords being used for online searches, how companies build brand identity and develop it in conjunction with their domain name also contribute to the name’s success.

Whether our clients consider themselves to be domain professionals or novices, working with a domain industry expert from DomainDepot.com in advance of a sale provides all the essential search volume data they need to make informed decisions about their domains. We make use of all available resources for determining search volume and use it to review potential referral traffic and other factors with bidders and sellers to help them make their acquisition and liquidation decisions.

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